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Eternity Communications is more than just an ad agency. Or design firm. It’s inspired communications for organizations with eternal purposes. We offer a full spectrum of communications services, including: ● Strategic communications planning and consulting ● Brochures ● Direct mail ● Newsletters and e-newsletters ● Websites ● Social media ● Banners, displays, and signs ● Identity and branding ● Advertising in print, radio, TV, interactive ● Stewardship campaigns ● Public relations ● Media buying. | Our solutions include both custom work and stock pieces.



We specialize in taking organizations with inconsistent or nonexistent branding and creating a signature look that projects energy and synergy. From logos to websites to brochures and more, our branding makes your message stand out.


Web + Social Media

Eternity does it all, from the latest in responsive design websites to e-newsletters to social media. But what sets us apart from others is strong concepting—combining strategy, words, and design to create inspiring, interactive content.


Strategic Planning

Eternity develops comprehensive one- and five-year communications plans. Well-researched and informed by years of experience, these plans ensure a unified, airtight approach that minimizes waste and maximizes effectiveness.


Writing + Editing

Another distinctive of Eternity is our award-winning writing and editing capabilities. We can turnkey your project by writing captivating headlines and body copy, then bring it all to life with design that is also thoroughly on-message.

eternity. the possibilities are endless.

about us

Eternity Communications helps churches and Christian organizations with all their communications needs. From award-winning brochures and advertising to websites and social media to communications strategy and planning, Eternity provides inspired communications that impact lives forever. We serve a variety of Christian organizations: ● Churches ● Christian schools and colleges ● Christian not-for-profit organizations ● Christian-operated businesses. Our solutions include both custom work and stock pieces, all designed to impact eternity. The possibilities are endless…

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Tiny dots on paper. Miniscule pixels on a screen. How can things so small make an impact on eternity? It’s because of the powerful truth behind them. Eternity Communications was founded on the belief that a message as crucial as the story of God’s love needs to look as important as it truly is. “Good enough for church work” isn’t good enough. In today’s world, people are bombarded with thousands of messages each day, competing for attention, time, money, allegiance. We’ve dedicated our lives to creating messages with excellence for His Excellency. His good name is worthy of nothing less. Together, let’s make Him famous—and impact lives for eternity.

Larry Thompson

Larry Thompson

Eternity Communications was founded in 1992 by Larry Thompson. Larry served for nine years as Minister of Communications for the 29,000-member Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee.

Before Bellevue, Larry served the Southern Baptist Brotherhood Commission as Marketing Director both during and after graduating with a Master of Divinity from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in Memphis. Larry was involved in the creative side of the advertising agency business before seminary and his call into full-time ministry.


Our Story

At Eternity Communications, Larry’s background in advertising and his call to ministry joined together to form one path. A journalism and advertising major at the University of Kentucky, Larry landed a copywriter position out of college at Tennessee’s then largest ad agency, Eric Ericson & Associates. There he learned the trade from some of the most talented people in the business. He moved up in his career until one day, he felt God calling him to full-time ministry, to do something with his life that would have eternal consequences. A year later he started Eternity Communications as a small side venture while he earned his seminary degree. He went on to serve nine years with Dr. Adrian Rogers at Bellevue, and in response to a steady stream of consulting requests, eventually launched Eternity as a full-service Christian ad agency. Along the way, he’s promoted a lot of ministries, won his share of awards, and rode the wave of technological changes in communications. Yet the vision has never wavered. Telling God’s story. And doing work with eternal consequences. That’s Eternity.


What Others Are Saying

“Larry Thompson is incredibly gifted. God has given him the ability to put concepts in print, radio, and television in ways that I have never seen any other individual do. I commend him with my whole heart.” —Adrian Rogers

“God used Larry and Eternity Communications to change our church and school’s face to the entire community in one year. Larry is simply the best in his field.” —Clayton Cloer


“We had 22 first-time guests on Sunday…four of the first-time guests indicated a first-time decision for Christ.”

“The book was best of breed, better than anything else I have seen out there.”


“I praise the Lord for your eye, your artistic ability, and your love for the Lord. It really shows in your work.”

“Thank you, not only for your talent, but for letting Jesus Christ shine through you.”


“It is the best work I have seen yet, which is saying a mouthful.”

“Your work was a major reason our conference was a success.”

“In sheer amazement I see God’s creativity and organization in every piece.”

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