Slider2-Strategy-PlanningLeft brain. Right brain. God made them to work together like Spirit + Truth. Like Design + Words. At Eternity, we blend the two until there’s no line between them. Is it strategic creativity? Or creative strategy? Makes no difference. The important thing is that the two are on the same page—whether that’s a webpage, ad page, or any other medium. Because after all, what good is the sharpest design if it misses the target? And what good is an on-target message if it fails to make its point because it’s so dull?

Eternity believes in thinking outside the box and inside the brand. Every message we craft is well informed by objectives and standards that ensure the communications not only gets through loud and clear, but pure and true. That means working from a plan. Creating a communications piece without a plan is like building a house without a blueprint.We’ve developed a thoroughly Biblical and totally unique model for strategic communications that brings your vision to life. It’s based on a five-fold plan:

● Ministry >> Evaluate and Cultivate
● Methods >> Centralize and Organize
● Message >> Identify and Clarify
● Media >> Diversify and Specify
● Masses >> Segment and Target

Eternity can create a comprehensive communications master plan for your church or organization that will pay for itself in cost savings and enhanced effectiveness. First, we do a complete inventory and analysis of your current communications efforts. Then, integrating your ministry objectives, Eternity develops comprehensive plans for:

● Internal communications (targeting your church family)
● External communications (targeting your community)

These plans shore up weaknesses in your communications efforts, help ensure that every communications dollar is maximized, and build a unified identity and a compelling message for your church or organization. That’s creative strategy. Then, we’re ready strategic creativity. Want to see how we do there? Check out our portfolio…

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